Giles Woolley - Online Guitar Teacher

Online guitar teacher Giles Woolley

Discipline:  Guitar, Garageband, Production Techniques

'Creative and Inspiring Guitar Teacher with a Passion for Digital Music and Production Techniques'

Giles started playing guitar at the age of 14 having not yet realised his passion for music. Looking back now, he often had an improvised melody running through his mind and remembers humming a lot as small child. Over these years he found an aptitude for Maths and Music. He always kept music as a hobby and did not study music in school but had a guitar teacher for 18 months at his secondary school. He was a jazz guitarist who did not suggest grades but sparked a real enthusiasm for the guitar.

At the age of 15 he wanted to record his guitar playing and hear it back and was given a 4 track and microphone for his birthday.  Since that day, recording equipment and technology has always fascinated him. Also the ability to capture a moment and how best to facilitate that is a source of endless interest for him.

He has now been working in Music Education, Music Performance and as a Music Producer and composer for over 8 years. He has a successful business called G productions and is the Music Programme Manager for the charity Cymaz Music for 3 days a week. He is passionate about playing, learning new instruments and styles and composing music, considering himself not a teacher but rather a collaborator. He finds he learns from the young musicians as they work together just as much as they learn from him.  'I feel privileged and blessed to be working with joy and passion in my job.'

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