How to have an Online Dinner Party or Dinner Date

Did you know Your Space Music Lessons began as a result of a Skype family dinner party? 

Founder Olwen Macleod, who lives in the Westerns Isles of Scotland, recalls how it all began

'My parents Peter and Carole live in Shropshire, our brother Matt is in Stevenage and my sister, Abigail, is based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.  Between us we span 640 miles!  When my Mum reached 60 we found we were unable to all get together for her birthday so we decided to have a Skype Dinner Party instead.   It was a brilliant and hilarious occasion and after we’d all had a couple of glasses of wine (no one was driving) my brother jokingly suggested I should do my piano lessons over Skype. THAT was the beginning of Your Space Music Lessons.'

We arranged the dinner party meticulously and it's amazing how much fun you can have even when you're not in the same room.  We have provided a few tips here: