Summer Academy

Want to make your summer count?

Connecting online with one of our music professionals in your own home is one of the most convenient, environmentally friendly and hassle-free ways to take music lessons. Here's your chance to try learning an instrument in a short series of daytime lessons this summer. The summer academy is now open for bookings for you or your children. Book your place this summer on our 3 day music learning online courses.  Available to both children and adults Your Space Music Lessons are offering a choice of 3 x 30 mins, or 3 x 60 mins over 3 consecutive days to give learning your instrument a boost this summer.   Payment is made online via our online checkout upon application. For further information or to book please email [email protected] or call 01876 688810

Please select your preferred weeks so we can arrange your 3 lesson Summer Academy experience. Lessons are usually between 9.30am to 2.30pm weekdays. Special requests may be possible.