Teacher Issues

The Internet is too poor

If, in your judgement, the internet quality is too poor to give a lesson, and it does not improve within a 10 minute window it is best to finish the call and reschedule the lesson.  In the meantime you can ask Your Space Music Lessons to intervene with a test call where they will offer help to resolve some of the issues, this may involve checking the internet speed, hardwiring or asking the pupil to invest in Wifi boosters.

Technical issues which prevent a lesson from going ahead i.e. power cut

If you have an issue it is best to call the Your Space Music Lessons office so they can make contact with students due to take lessons and relay any message you need. You will need to make allowances to reschedule lessons.

Pupil loss of interest and engagement

If you are finding it difficult to motivate and stimulate your pupils then please reach out to Olwen or to other members of the teaching network to get support. It is not uncommon for some students to lose their way and we can support each other to provide different approaches to helping your pupil succeed.

Pupil's not turning up for lesson without letting you know

Your Space Music Lessons is happy to uphold the 48 hour cancellation policy on your behalf, which is entirely at your discretion. The terms and conditions are agreed by pupils as part of the agreement of booking lessons with us. Sometimes it pays to bend a little if it means the relationship with a pupil is stronger, and it can work both ways, however Your Space can enforce the rule to make sure you are paid for lessons you feel you should be paid for.

Pupil's not being punctual at start times

Teachers should wait no longer than 10 minutes to wait for a pupil to arrive and finish the lesson at the official finish time.

Any pupil related issues that leaves you feeling uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone

Sometimes a pupil does not feel comfortable to teach and you do not wish to continue teaching them. If you decide this is the case then Your Space Music Lessons can make arrangements to remove that pupil, and if appropriate place that pupil with another teacher. Fortunately due to our video recording policy we will be able to support your decision and review the footage to decide any further action. This is another reason why it is so important to ensure all lesson recording are uploaded as per the franchise agreement.