Video Performance Playlist November 2021 - Juniors

Welcome to a wonderful collection of pieces performed by our Juniors

Another Level of Music Performance

This collection of pieces is the culmination of lots of practice and music investigation by pupils at Your Space Music Lessons.  Well done to all pupils who have submitted a piece here, please share this page with your friends and family for them to hear.

Video Performance Week is a chance for pupils to look even more closely at the music for the clues a composer has left to interpret in their own way.  By adding expression and style a performer can leave their mark and bring something extra special to the performance.  Directly performing to an audience or recording for others to hear can be quite nerve wrecking but will sharpen a performance and help you raise your game, so practising this element in music development is very important. 

When listening to other pieces in this playlist listen out for key melodies that recur time and time again, for changes in dynamics or tempo, pauses and intonation of notes and phrases which help to tell the story.  

Can you imagine what the composer has written about? 

Perhaps you could write you own musical stories for other musicians to play? 


Your Space Music Lessons Video Performance Week November 2021