Your Space Music Lessons Terms and Conditions

Agreeing to be a Music Student with Your Space Music Lessons – terms and conditions

It is important to us that you and ourselves are at our best when we deliver music lessons to you.
Your Space Music Lessons Ltd is a web based company which brings live ‘one to one’ music lessons into the homes of music students through a network of Appointed Music  Teachers.  Your Space Music Lessons Ltd is a Franchise Company and each music teacher is a Franchisee operating their own teaching business.
Both you and your teacher are supported by the website of Your Space Music Lessons which enables you to book and pay for lessons, order music and provides other information to help you enjoy your music journey with your teacher.
Your Principal Contact will be with your teacher who is directly responsible for your music lessons.  This agreement is between yourself and your music teacher.
  1. A relaxed lesson atmosphere will help your enjoyment and this will be your teachers priority.
  2. Your teacher will suggest appropriate pieces of music  that they think you will enjoy and these can be ordered on the website.  You may need to buy an extra copy for the teacher.
  3. You may like to work towards taking ‘abrsm’ music exams and your teacher will guide you on this. When your teacher thinks you are ready to take the exam you can use the website to arrange and pay for an examination close to where you live.
  4. Your teacher may decide, with your approval, to send recordings of set pieces you perform for publication on the website or youtube.  You may also be given opportunity to join with other students in live mini-concerts.
  5. Your lesson environment needs to be somewhere where you cannot be disturbed during the continuation of the lesson.  Microphones are sensitive so you will need to make sure their are no televisions/game players or washing machines running in the same room.
  6. Lessons are paid to your teacher at the time of booking in blocks of 4 or 8 and you can select times from available dates on the teachers diary. To enable you to keep a regular lesson slot we will give you some priority on the bookings diary for ongoing lessons.
  7. A standard lesson is 30 minutes long and it is important that all lessons start on time, so please be ready with computer switched on and working and the skype programme open.
  8. The next lesson after yours will also start on time so there is no facility to over-run to compensate for late starting.
  9. Even though lessons are at your home, we respectfully ask Students to wear clothing that you would wear for a public meeting outside your home (i.e. no pyjamas).  Teachers are under strict instructions not to proceed with lessons where inappropriate clothing is being worn.
  10. For the protection of Students and teachers a video recording of each lesson will be archived.  The recording will be confidential and will not be available to anyone outside the business of Your Space Music Lessons Ltd.  In accordance with Data Protection you can request a copy of that recording at a small administrative cost.
  11. All lessons with your teacher must be booked via the website and paid through the website.
  12. Refunds are not allowed  if you cancel a pre-booked lesson.  However if you let us know 48 hours in advance we will attempt to reschedule the  lesson within a ten day window.
  13. If your music lesson is cancelled because your teacher is unavailable you may be given the opportunity to have lessons with another teacher from Your Space Music Lessons.  If you decide not to take up this offer and it is not possible to reschedule your lesson within a ten day window a full reimbursement of your lesson cost will be made.
  14. If your lesson is cancelled because your teacher decides that the internet connection is not sufficient for the lesson to proceed then yor lesson will be rescheduled within a ten day window or a full refund made.
  15. Your Space Music Lessons respects the laws of copyright and will not allow unauthorised photocopies to be used in lessons.
  16. You may terminate your music lessons by simply not booking any further lessons.  It would be appreciated if you could tell us this is what you are doing.
  17. Every effort is made to ensure you have the best teacher to suit your needs.  If for some reason you wish to change your teacher please contact us. If you feel able to we would prefer you to talk to your teacher directly yourself.
  18. Complaints should be made directly to your teacher who is fully responsible for your lesson.  You may also wish to bring the complaint to the attention of Your Space Music Lessons.
  19. Additional clause (applicable to parents)
  20. From experience we have found that having a parent in the same room during the lesson is too distracting for the child and they lose out on precious teaching time. However, we understand that parents would like to watch and see how it is working for their child - after all skype lessons are a new thing and quite intriguing so we have made a rule that by the third lesson the parent is not present in the same room but stays within earshot and even eyeshot as long as the child is not aware that you are there.